Spects of Practical Crime Scene Investigation


1. To enable the student to apply decision making skills as to how to investigate the scene and the subsequent analytical strategy.
2. To carry out the steps required for the preservation and documentation of the crime scene.
3. To enable the student to apply skills and knowledge in the search and recovery of evidence.
4. To enable the student to plan and carry out the analysis of evidence
5. To enable the student to evaluate and interpret data from the analytical results.
6. To enable the students to develop their ability to organise and present forensic reports, both written and verbal.

upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:

1) Perform crime scene investigation, applying crime scene management and crime scene investigation techniques in a real case scenario (practical observation and report)

2) Systematically search and recover evidence, apply collection, packaging and labelling of evidence techniques (practical observation)

3) Identify and plan an experimental strategy required to implement the work and show understanding of its rationale by means of discussion with the module tutor and a written abstract (report)

4) Conduct appropriate and relevant experiments in a rigirous, effecient and safety conscious manner (coursework)

5)Demonstrate skills and proficiency in a range of transferable skills inclduing oral and written presentation, and other general research methods.