SR and Recruitment methods used by Four Seasons

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You are to submit an individual written report on one or two HRM practices from your team project (FOUR SEASONS) . The structure of your report can be flexible, but it should contain the following minimum information:

Selected HRM practice: RECRUITMENT METHODS and Corporate Social Responsibilities

1) Introduction: Here you should provide a brief overview of the company. Make sure that you mention the points that are relevant to your recommendations, such as SWOT and Business Strategy. (MOST INFORMATION ON PREZI LINK)

2) Detailed analysis of the HRM practices in your chosen company: Here you should provide the information already presented during the team project (PREZI LINK); however, a critical evaluation should be made here. Apply theory to define the methods and other characteristics of your selected HRM practice. Show your depth of research and knowledge on this practice with reference to academic literature.

(Selected HRM practice: RECRUITMENT METHODS and Corporate Social Responsibilities )

3) Recommendations: Here you need to provide recommendation(s) on the HRM practice described in your individual report. The assessment will be based on the quality of your work, and not just quantity. One recommendation is sufficient, just ensure it is well connected to the company and the HRM practice analysis.

No. Criteria
Knowledge of the company, its markets, strategy, main problems if any, and its competitive advantages.
Description of the companys culture.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Recruitment methods
(Base yourself on the attatched prezzi for each. Use atleast two theories (can use the one on the prezi if you want but develop). Peer reviewed articles please)
Recommendations. VERY IMPORTANT PART

**Please use academic references that are easy for me to access
**Can give examples on Four Seasons Shenzhen like in the prezi but can focus on four seasons in genera
**APA Sixth Edition style for referencing