SR practices by projects undertaken in the Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas

Literature Review: (should be about 5000 words max).

Which I sent you a draft (CSR LIT 3Xllll) as an attachment with a lot of comments to be taking care of it,

In the Literature Review email.

Also I sent notes (Notes 1) to explain what should be done in this draft, as example: from the historical part remove what about Japan and China. -The historical part in the draft was 2.1 History of Corporate social responsibility

Beside that here is the new structure for the Literature Review which I want to you to work with it.

2.1 Introduction:
2.2 Definition of corporate social responsibility:
2.2.1 Theories of CSR:
2.2.2 History of corporate social responsibility:
2.3 The issues and debate in corporate social responsibility:
2.4 Corporate social responsibility practice in Oil and Gas Industries:
2.4.1 corporate social responsibility practice in Oil and Gas Industries of Saudi Arabia:
2.5 The standard, code and principles of CSR:
2.6 Conclusion