Ssaay in Criminology field(criminal law part 2) please see the full question in doc file.

CRIMINOLOGY Criminal Law (part 2) see doc file for the Question
About the essay:
1. please use only UK references
2. try to follow the academic requirements to answer the question
3. see my failed essay so as to understand about the text reference and the last page of referencing and how to prepare, develop and answer the topic.
4. be advised from the university s handbook so as to see what the editors say about 5. you may use as many references you could (25-30), reference style, Harvard APA but no footnotes.

In the zip files there are all the details about the essay preparing, please be sure to see all of them.
It is a criminology essay not a Law essay (concerning the style of references)
British English and only UK academic references (Uk criminal law reality)!!!
It is an emergency situation so it is necessary to have the completed essay in 24 hours!!!

Thank you!!!