Ssay 1:explain the scientific method and the steps involved

Go to pgs 32-35 in your textbook. Read the Highlight on Research Study Results. IN YOUR OWN WORDS explain the scientific method and the steps involved. 1. What is the difference between an epidemiological study and clinical trial 2. What type of results can you get from the factors studied in each epidemiological and clinical? 3. Discuss some of the important considerations a researcher should make when conducting a clinical trial. 4. What should consumers consider as limitations when reading about research in the media?

Write your essay in essay format using a word processing program. Introduce your topic and then answer the questions USING YOUR OWN WORDS (without including the questions as I presented them) in your composition. Be sure to spell and grammar check before saving and attaching. Make sure that your complete essay has a minimum of 600 content words and has been saved as one of the following type files: .doc, .docx.

Your file must show up as Essay1.docor Essay1.docx”. You will not get extended time to change the filename if you submit a file with any other name