Ssay 2: Analytical Comparison and Contrast

Essay 2: Analytical Comparison and Contrast
1200 words or approximately 4 pages
Due March 16

For this paper, you will choose two SIMILAR items and analyze the similarities and differences in order to arrive at an inference about the items themselves, their creator(s), their user(s), their place in history or society, or any other specific insight that would be justified by the analysis. Donat try to make more than one or, at most, two related inferences.
Possible subjects for comparison:
a? Two artistsa conceptions of a single theme
a? Two paintings by the same artist
a? Two buildings by the same architect
a? Two architectsa solutions for a similar problem
a? Two vocalistsa performance of the same song
a? Two songs by the same vocalist
a? Two products intended for the same demographic
a? Two similar products intended for different demographics
a? Two suspenseful or exciting action scenes in different movies
a? Two performances by the same actor
a? Two performances of the same role by different actors

Research is permitted but not necessary. Do research only for facts, not for interpretations, so you can come up with your own ideas about the relationships between the items.

Any exact quotes must be in quotation marks or indented if a block quote is necessary. The sources for all quotes must be cited.

Any facts or ideas derived from an outside source must be either quoted exactly or carefully rewritten in your own individual style. This material must also be cited.

Please refer to the Course Policy Statement for the departmental position on plagiarism, and do not hesitate to ask me for advice regarding documentation conventions.