Ssay (2,500 words) Ethical issue in an organization

Essay (2,500 words)
You must analyze an ethical issue in an organization (choose a case from the list which will be provided during the course).
Analysis means you:

identify the ethical issues,
explain why these issues are controversial (why are they not straightforward right or wrong?),
identify arguments made by the various sides or stakeholders,
evaluate the arguments made (what kind of argument is it, is it a good argument?).

This means that you will be approaching the issue from more than one position (stakeholder) and you will have to refer to more than one ethical theory (in identifying and evaluating the arguments made).
End your essay with your personal position on the issue. Of course, you need to give arguments here as well.
You must use Harvard referencing.

Marking criteria for essay


Does the essay identify ethical questions and use sound argumentation?

Does the essay bring together the available information in a sensible manner?
Theoretical Soundness

Does the essay clearly identify and use ethical theories?
Clarity of structure

Is the essay well structured?
Technical soundness

Is the essay clearly written, spell checked, grammatically sound and referenced appropriately?

Further Guidance for Essay
For your essay, pick one of the three cases below and analyze it according to the 7-step model of Hartman & DesJardins.
Note the links provided here are merely an entry into the case. Your marks will partly depend on the extent to which you use and integrate other sources into your essay !

1. Executives worry about corruption risks: survey

3. The worlds supply of sustainable cocoa could be exhausted by 2014
We cannot give marks for your opinion. We can only give marks for how you argue your opinion.

6. References