Ssay 3 Biological Motivation and Prudence

Essay 3: Biological Motivation and Prudence


Evolutionary biologists and behaviorist would argue that humans are an animal species and, therefore, are entirely driven by our biological urges. In modern society, it is quite easy to find countless people giving in to a seemingly constant desire for alcohol, sex, or food. Morbid obesity has become an epidemic and cases of alcoholism and sex addiction are constantly increasing. However, as Christians, we believe that temperance and prudence are a virtue. For this essay, students are to discuss the personal, societal, and biological factors that encourage and promote the imprudent indulgence of these biological urges. Additionally, students should discuss a way of counteracting these factors on an individual and societal level. The essay will include discussion on how the virtues of prudence and temperance may be encouraged for people who do not share Christian values (agnostics, atheists, and people of other faiths). Is it possible for people to prudently regulate their biological urges with the help of Christianity? Definitely. The question this essay must address is how to make nonbelievers embrace these virtues.


1) The essay should be no less than two pages long, double spaced.

2) The essay will follow APA format.

3) The essay will include discussion, critical analysis, and recommendations.

4) The essay will include discussion of social norms, biological needs, Christian beliefs, and personal experience.

5) The essay will contain few, if any, grammatical, spelling, and structural errors.


This essay is worth a total of 50 points as one of the four projects outlined in the syllabus. Presentations will be graded using the following rubric:

Information (10 points) i?? The essay contains all of the desired elements outlined in the guidelines above. Additionally, the student provided any supplemental information necessary for a full understand of the perspectives and contentions made in the essay.

Structure (10 points) i?? The essay follows appropriate APA format and does not have many grammatical, structural, or spelling errors. The essay includes a title page and, if necessary, a reference page. The text is divided into suitable paragraphs, as necessary.

Creativity (10 points) i?? The essay is not formulaic in its content, presentation, or perspective. Each essay should be a unique representation of the views and opinions of the student for that particular topic. A very creative essay is often reflective of considerable critical analysis.

Critical Analysis (20 points) i?? The essay provides a clear indication that the student critically evaluated the topic in some detail. For each essay, it is essential that the student demonstrates their critical thinking through discussion of specific points and confidence in their perspectives. An essay that lacks strong critical analysis is indicative of a student who is not fully comfortable with the subject.