Ssay #3 Growing into Family Understanding

(1) Essay #3 Growing into Family Understanding: please read the short story, Sonny s Blues by James Baldwin (page 41-53), and write a thoughtful and well-developed essay (4 pages). Please focus on the following topic: Baldwin uses a number of image patterns in  Sonny s Blues : light/dark, color imagery, religious/secular, inside/outside, hot/cold, and sound/silence. Choose one of these patterns, and explain its significance to a thematic concern of the story as a whole. That is, what meaning does Baldwin convey through your chosen image pattern. Argue your case with careful textual analysis, establishing that there is a pattern, and that this pattern is in some way important to what you think the story is about.
(2) Reading response paper: please read The Things They Carried written by Tim O Brien, and write 2 pages in response to one of the passages you have chosen.