Ssay # 3 Role of African Americans in Film

Hello Class,
Yesterday in class we reviewed Samuel L. Jacksons essay, In Character in the textbook (pg.455) and looked at the history of African Americans in the world of movies. Ive included below links of the clips that I showed yesterday. Your assignment for Essay #3 is based on Jacksons essay, I am requiring for this assignment that you complete the outline that is attached, you are asked to write 3 points in the Introduction and Conclusion, 2 thesis statements and 2 topic sentences for each body paragraph (6 in total). You are also required to create a Works Cited page from the sources that are given. Please read the instructions on the handout carefully. This assignment is due next week, November 14th, 2011.

History of African Americans in Film

1915-The journey begins with the blatant racism of D.W. Griffiths THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915), a film respected as an epic milestone, but reviled as the blueprint for black film stereotypes that would appear throughout the 20th century. watch?vRZX6EgfzUWA
and PORGY AND BESS (1959)./
Films such as SHAFT/ However, the film output did prove the audience for black film was present and eager.
The New Black Wave”, beginning in the 1980s (led by directors such as Spike Lee and John Singleton) was the culmination of a century of filmmaking and yearning.
Films such as DO THE RIGHT THING (1989)/ Jacksonas essay, In Character (pgs. 455-457) on a separate piece of paper, you are required to complete the following outline (Typed) and Works Cited page.

Topic: The Role of African Americans in Film
I. Introduction-What are some common assumptions of Hollywood? What parts do minorities play in films?
A. Point 1:
B. Point 2:
C. Point 3:
Example of Thesis Statement: Jackson argues that Hollywoodas portrayals of African Americans continue to be stereotyping, patronizing, and even racist. (See handbook, pgs. 190-191 for help)
Thesis Statement:
Thesis Statement:
II. The role/purpose of movies as a form of entertainment
Topic Sentence main idea + slant or attitude or point (See handbook, pgs.86-87 for help)
A. Topic Sentence:
B. Topic Sentence:

III. The role of African Americans in film
A. Topic Sentence:
B. Topic Sentence:

IV. Is Hollywood racist?
A. Topic Sentence:
B. Topic Sentence:
V. ConclusionHow do we change it?
Instructions: Create a Works Cited page with the following sources; use your handbook for help (pgs. 218-231) or
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Page(s): 83-88

Source: Book by a single author
Author: David Cressy
Title of Book: Birth, Marriage, and Death: Ritual, Religion, and the Life Cycle in Tudor and Stuart England
City/State: New York
Publishing Company: Oxford UP
Year: 1997

Source: An online reference
Name of Site: Victorian Women Writers Project
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