Ssay # 4 The Intersection Between Past and Present

Essay # 4 The Intersection Between Past and Present : please read The Things They Carried written by Tim O Brien, and write a thoughtful and well-developed essay (4 pages), please focus on the following topic: Many war movies and television dramas focus on heroism, on soldiers behaving nobly for a great cause, often without regard for their own well being. In this book, however, we get a very different sense of what war is like for the men who fight it. Discuss what the Viet Nam war is like for the soldiers as portrayed in one or more stories in this book and use this as the controlling idea of your essay, supporting it with examples from the stories you choose and explanations of the significance of those examples.

My prof said that The Things They Carried is underlined, while titles of individual stories go in quotation marks: for example, On the Rainy River.”