Ssay # 4 Water, Xeriscapes and Native Plants

Part 1: Summarize Southern Californiaas water issues.

What are two faulty arguments people use to waste water?
Example: If I can pay for the water, I should be able to use it. This is faulty logic of the strawman variety. We are all running out of water and you wonat be able to pay for what we do not have. a?
Part 2: Make a good case for replacing lawns xeriscaped gardens.

Include counter arguments to two common misconceptions and objections to xeriscaped gardens:
Example, I think dry gardens are really ugly and it will lower my home value”. The argument used here is prejudiced stereotyping based on faulty information and statistics. In reality, xeriscaped gardens can be colorful, lush and full, cost less to maintain and will raise the house value.
Part 3: Research the three California native plants you chose at Rancho and write a little bit about each one.
Include pictures of each.
Why do they appeal to you?
1000 word minimum
Cite your sources