Ssay about Adolf Hitler was evil but not monstrous

A. Research and write a short paper discussing the topic above. Argue, yes, he is evil but not monstrous. Use your research to support your argument.

B. Format your paper according to the MLA example paper you have been given class ( You can also check Appendix 1 at the back of your textbook for MAL intext and works cited information. Also see OWL Purdue website for MLA guidelines very helpful).

C. Your research MUST use the flowing:
1 book from the library
1 academic article from an academic journal
1 website/ website page.

D. If you quote a source, put the words in quotation marks, e.g., Hawkes suggested we Put the words in quotation marks”.
Quotation and paraphrasing should be flowed by an in-text citation,e.g, Hawkes suggested we put the words in goutation marks(45). Or he suggested we put the words in quotation marks”( Hawkes45).
Each of you sources should have an entry in the works cited list at the end of paper as well.

E. Word count: 750 words.

F. Things I am looking for when marking:
ContentArgument and supporting sources. Is your argument clearly explained? Do you have appropriate sources to support it?.
Structure How your argument and sources are arranged and used. Dose your argument flow logically? Are its parts connected? Do resources support you argument? Is there an introduction and conclusion, and do their job well?

Quality of English, grammar, syntax
Formatting MLA.