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about the sources, i have no ideas how many i should use. so please read requirement and do for me, thanks a lot! and help me think up a TITLE as well. thanks!!

the writting essay is for my online course-COMMUNICATION130(MASS COMMUNICATION IN CANADA) textbook is:MASS COMMUNICATION IN CANADA 6Edition Author:Rowland L, Mike G, David S.

1.(Oxford University Pressas companion website for the textbook. This companion site contains information, study questions, and summaries.)student_resources.html
2. (Style Guide for Communications.This is the SFU Librarys subject guide home page where you will find links to citing and writing guides and many other useful resources)
organization of your essay.

1. No question or thesis of your own is needed for this essay–you just need to answer the essay question. Similarly, your starting point should be the essay question and the related course concepts, not any particular example. In other words, you can use whichever examples best demonstrate your knowledge of the course concepts and help you address the essay question.
2. Please be sure to use only APA for citations.
3. Your only academic source for this assignment should be the textbook. (But you will likely want to reference non-academic sources when providing examples to support your points.)
4. It is not necessary to evaluate the transformation model as either positive or negative. The purpose of this assignment is to analyse the transformational aspects of the communication process.
5. Review the different approaches to the study of content and try to determine the strengths or main goal(s) of each approach. (For example, political economy is not good at answering questions about the specific characteristics of a particular medium, but it is good at answering other questions relevant to the study of influences on media content, etc.). The approaches to the study of content contained in the textbook complement each other since each of these provides you with different and unique insights into the transformative nature of the communication process (some are focused more on the formation of the message (encoding), some emphasize the medium, others talk about reception (decoding)). Explicitly state what the unique contribution/emphasis of each approach is so that differences between approaches become apparent.
6. Most importantly, in direct response to the essay question, explicitly state what is Transformativewith respect to each of your chosen approaches. In other words, what makes these approaches suitable to the study of content, for researchers interested in how media content is influenced/transformed/conditioned by certain factors or elements (as opposed to transmission models of communication).

Essay 1
The transformation model of communication, in contrast to the transmission model, speaks to the factors that influence the formation of the message, the influence of the medium in which it is expressed, and the understanding of the message by the recipient. Chapters 4 and 5 of Mass Communication in Canada explore how we understand the transformative process. Using concrete examples, discuss how at least three approaches to the study of content provide communications researchers with insight into transformative elements of the communicative process that they otherwise would not have.

Your essay should be 1,500 words, typed and double-spaced.

Although the content of your work is the priority, please note that style, structure, and proper referencing are also important to the overall presentation of your work. Poorly written work inevitably receives a lower grade.

Expectations and Suggestions
Your goal is to demonstrate both your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply this newfound knowledge (i.e., the course material and content) to relevant examples.

Most important is that you demonstrate your understanding of the main ideas and concepts in your own words, not just by quoting from the textbook. You must illustrate how you can apply these ideas and concepts by using relevant examples to strengthen your key points or arguments.

You must also demonstrate your ability to think beyond the information and analysis presented. You are required to demonstrate academic relevance/references in all your examples.

The tutor-marker will look for how you process the course information and apply this knowledge to the wider world.

Points to Remember
Include the question at the top of the first page. If you want to create a separate title under it, fine, but donat omit the question.
Donat be afraid to use headings. If the textbook does, so can you. This is not an English class.
Bold opinion does not belong in an essay. A point of view supported by facts and argument does.
Use a spell checker.
Read the essay out loud. If you stumble, your sentence construction is probably awkward.
Look at the essay-marking rubric your tutor-marker will use.
If you can get someone else to read your essay, do so.

Donat ask the person if s/he understands what youare trying to say. Instead, ask the reader to be brutally honest and tell you whether youave formed your brilliant ideas into a good, clear, simple argument.

Ask the person to tell you what s/he thinks youave said. You may be surprised! If s/he says something like a?Well, what I think you were trying to say was . . . ,a? you know youare in for revisions.

Get the person to write comments on your draft, so you can go over them on your own. And donat blame your reader if s/he canat understand your arguments.

A Word from Rowland Lorimer
You may have difficulty writing outlines, but starting with one is a great idea, if you can do it.

Sometimes you can only make an attempt at an outline, start to write, and then look back. When Iam in a new topic are