Ssay . Module: STRATEGIC Human Resource Management, Year : 3

Assignment 1 a 50% (2,000 words)
Choose one question and answer fully using referenced sources such asCIPD, FT, Government departments, and academic journal articles from the e-library but not media sources such as BBC, not web sources such as Wikipedia, Google.
Answer in essay format, which is a written argument that weighs both sides of the question posed and comes to a firm conclusion supported by referenced sources. Do start with an appropriate definition from any of the course text books or the CIPD website.
Your work must be uploaded to turnitin and a hard copy handed in to Rg02.

Chooseoneof the following Essay Titles:

1 a?How far does the impact of Economic and Socio-cultural factors on management choices in HR Strategy?a?In answering the question you should refer to one case study organisation from the CIPD website or Harvard Business Reviewto support your answer.

2 a?The Harvard framework for Strategic Human Resource Management is now no longer fit for purpose andhas now been superseded by the Resource Based View Complexity Model in most organisationsa?. In answering you must define both models andyou should refer to one case study organisation from the CIPD website or Harvard Business Review to support your answer.

3 a? Workers who strike to retain benefits or increase wages are risking the long-term stability of their jobs.a?With reference to the UK public sector compare and contrast how far the Government has intervened in the recent dispute over pensions. In your answer, you should critically review (supported by evidence) the role of HR management in the dispute.

(This will assess Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs 1,2 and3).

Assessment Criteria

Students should be able to:

Give clear and accurate definitions using appropriate, attributed models and concepts in SHRM.(Strategic Human Resource Management)
Show evidence of research into real-time and case study organisations, to illustrate argument.
Demonstrate a critical analysis of theory and practice of SHRM.