Ssay on of two old people answering 5 questions.

Essay on of two old people answering 5 questions

a?Interview a? Instructions

a?Interviewa? two older adults, one male and one female, aged 65 and above or 2 males and 2 females . No less then 2 , no more then 4 people.
face-to-face or telephone interview will also be accepted.

For the writer: Just make them up .

2. Enter the responses ( 5 short questions) on the interview sheet 1 and 2 .( I will Attach your interview sheets .)

3.Write One Interview Report to integrate ALL interviews, which should include:

a. Overview of what you discovered about interviewing an older age adult.
What are some findings, generalizations or conclusions you can make about your interviews?
Look at the information you collected and pick out SOME aspect you would like to discuss.
-Relate them to Class TOPICS ; this is a key requirement for this assignment. You need to relate your findings to course materials as much as possible.
For the writer: I am uploading the class topics and the 5 interview questions.
c. Discuss your reactions to the interview process. How did you feel? What thoughts were provoked? Does this project influence your view on aging in any way?

.Each Person responses should be recorded on one individual survey sheet ( The one that I will attach .

The Interview Report ( NO T including the Interview Survey Sheets) should be approximately 800-900 words in length.