St Century competitive advantage is no longer about a?whata you do but a?howa you do it! Discuss

Please observe the following format (structure) for your
a? An introduction that defines the scope of the question (i.e. your interpretation and focus).
a? A main part that develops the themes and arguments you wish to put forward with a clear indication of the evidence used.

a? A critical conclusion that draws the key points together.

a? The format is an essay, but the style must be formal, serious and a?academic, therefore we suggest that you avoid writing in the first person (a?Ia?); rather the third person is recommended (e.g. it can therefore be suggested that…).

a? You may include headings and subtitles and a contents page if you feel this will help you to stay focused and create clearer sign-posting for the reader.

a? The best essays will demonstrate a deep understanding of the key issues of your debate (derived from your research) and ownership of the essay resulting in a critical conclusion. The main assessment criteria are listed at the end of your Project Handbook and comprise four main areas:
a? Problem definition and Structure
a? Information Identification, retrieval and analysis
a? Critical reasoning/justification
a? Persuasion and Influencing.