St Century Plan for New Orleans, La: Fact or Fiction

Subject: Urban and Regional Planning; Plan Implementation It should center around the analysis and implementation of the plan and/or land use planning in the area. It should also be revolved around the analysis and implementation of the New Orleans 2030 Master plan and/or any other plan conducive to the area. Collect the data according to the outline of the plan. Develop strategies for plan implementation. These implementation strategies should identify funding sources or suggestion on how to go about it, regulatory requirements for funding an legality, as well as discussion of the politics associated with the implementation strategies. This is for assistance with Urban and Regional Planning: Plan Implementation assignment. New Orleans has been devastated by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and the BP oil spill with have had tremendous impacts on a already fragile city. The city plans to rebuild a bigger and better city amidst racial tentions, social ills, and political warfare. The research indicates the city is faced with a definate housing crisis, infrastructure clapse and class divide. The 2030 master plan along with other initiatives are supposed to address such issues. A minimum of six sources if possible.

Please communicate promptly if this time frame is not feasable. Time is sensitive