State of) Texas Policy/Issue on The Death Penalty

5 page research paper with ONE (1) ADDITIONAL PAGE for Works Cited;FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 6 PAGES INCLUDING WORKS CITED. Times new roman 12pt font, double spaced, WITH FOUR HEADINGS: I. PAPER TOPIC/TITLE TEXAS AND THE DEATH PENALTY. II. ISSUES/PROBLEMS be specific & explain/discuss in detail issues/problems about topic based on my research. III. RESOLUTION(S) TO ISSUE/PROBLEMSexplain discuss in detail proposed &/or adopted policies, for example, Tx govt legislation/bills which attempted &/or resolved/solved issue/problems discussed in Heading II. IV. MY SUPPORT OR OPPOSITION TO RESOLUTIONS TO ISSUES/PROBLEMS-discuss your support or opposition under this heading w/paragraphs in response to the proposed and/or adopted policies discussed in above Heading III. ***PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THIS PAPER SHOWS MY OPINION (My Opinion-Yes I am FOR the death penalty WITH DNA proof.)***THIS PAPER IS FOR GOVT-2306 TEXAS STATE & LOCAL GOVT