Steps to a 5 annotating and precis assignment

instructions: for this assigment you will read ftwo passages from your 5 steps 5 book and annotate them, then write a precis. please read the passages from page 85-91 (Passage 6A-jefferson and 6B-mill)

Step 1: annotate:Look specifically for: (Paper 1 can be notes and the other page can be two paragraghs)
Tone and/or changes in tone
rehetorical strategies
organization and arrangment
rhetorical appeals (ethos,logos,pathos)
note any places that evoke a reaction from you -laughter, annger, confusion

Step 2:Write a precis
-Rationale: a precis reveals your understanding of the arguments and points author makes in the speciic piece.
when writing precis, objectivley summerize the passage accuratly in your own words.
after the summary, write your response noting any questions, objections, or elighten generated by the passage
-before writing the precis: read the passage several times to be sure you understand the authors rehetorical situation.