Strategic Audit Simulation Project Approval


To assess your ability to communicate professionally with peers and healthcare professionals.


During Weeks 1-2, you will need to identify a Healthcare professional to interview as a part of your field study project. You will be required to meet with the healthcare professional, either in person or by phone, to conduct a formal interview. Although it is not required that you meet with the Healthcare Professional face-to-face, it is highly encouraged that you meet them in person and tour their place of employment.
The Healthcare Professional and their place of employment must be approved by your college and your field study project will be supervised by your professor. You are required to conduct at least one formal interview with the Healthcare Professional before the submission of the Strategic Audit paper.
You can complete the interview at any time after approval from the faculty member until the deadline in Week 4. You need to make sure you prepare interview questions that address all the components of the strategic audit. The final submission must include information gathered from the interview, with the Healthcare Professional cited as a source with in-text citations and on the reference list.
You should plan to meet with your Healthcare Professional as soon as possible to review the components of the Strategic Audit assignment and to arrange times to gather additional feedback, make an onsite visit, and/or follow-up meetings.

Action Items

During Weeks 1-2, you will need to identify a Healthcare Professional to interview and work with while completing your Strategic Audit.
Healthcare Professionals must meet the following criteria to be approved:
5-7 years of experience in a healthcare management position
Professional experience to include the following:
Human Resources (recruitment, hiring, personnel management, training, performance reviews, and disciplinary action)
Budget planning and management
Organizational accreditation
Daily operations
Quality and patient safety

You will need to submit a Word document with the following information for approval before continuing on with the project:
The name and contact information of the Healthcare Professional to be interviewed.
The name and address for the healthcare organization where the Healthcare Professional is employed or had experience.
The Healthcare Professionals current position and brief description of their role and responsibilities.