Strategic Audit Simulation ProjectFinal Submission

Organization Health Ascension
Healthcare professional Robert J. Henkel

***This is a continuation order of the order numbers below that you completed for me. This is the final project where you compile everything.



To assess your ability to:
i?? Communicate professionally with peers and healthcare professionals.
i?? Perform a strategic audit for a healthcare organization.
i?? Critique a strategic audit for a healthcare organization.
i?? Summarize your strategic audit.
i?? Summarize current issues in strategic management in healthcare organizations.


You will submit your strategic audit field project on your approved organization.

Action Items

1. Review all the Strategic Audit Simulation Project assignments (view all order numbers above).
2. Compile all sections of your Strategic Audit Simulation Project.
3. Review the feedback you have received from your healthcare professional
4. Make revisions based on feedback and any additional information you have gained.
5. Complete any figures, charts, graphs, and matrixes and include them as appendices.
6. Complete the cover page, resources, and table of contents.
7. Make sure to follow APA guidelines. The cover page and reference list are not counted as pages in your paper.
8. Your paper should include all the topics from Appendix 11.C: Strategic Audit of a Corporation.