Subject Criminology)Crimewatch anayltical deconstruction of the television program

This is the link to Crimewatch a TV program on the BBC in the UK.The program should be available after 10pm UK time

Introduction a brief history of the show a years, viewers, hosts, types of crimes etc

Overwhelmingly a particular a?typea

Teenage girls and young women

The elderly

Often located in a family context


Often implicit criticism of victim a see Suffolk Strangler case

Can also be partly to blame for refusing lifts, walking alone in the dark, clothes (too short/tight)

CJS also imbed with these implicit censors (SVC theory)

Weaver (1998) women accept these gendered narratives and understand that they have a different sense of safety and responsibility for it than men

Reassurances that crime is rare backfires as this is disconnected from the content

Break paragraphs up into sections of the show, for example a

Paragraph 1 a A Reconstruction

Paragraph 2 a UKas most wanted

Paragraph 3 a Cold murder case / Success Story


*Be ANALYTICAL rather than descriptive

Shapes false ideas of crime

Gives other offender ideas

Compulsive viewing for inmates (see Jewkes 2002)

Amuses them to see police struggling

Like to see if they can spot their friends

Reinforces sense of themselves

Blurs distinctions between fact and fiction

Show is not unconnected with rise of populist punitiveness, issues in law and order or the growth of victimology (see Schlesinger & Tumber, 1994)

Consider BBC guidelines by which reconstructions are governed (Pengelly 1999 or Jewkes 2004, p154)

Infotainment a Sparks 1992 a?crime scarera scenes