Subject: Cross Cultural Management) the task is to provide a guide to graduates for wotking in US and details about the financial sector

The report should include:
1) introduction to the country: history, culture, political structure etc. within this you can include demographic data e.g charachteristics of the population, precentage of migrant labour, ecmonomic factors etc.

2) a guide to occupational sector that I have chosen & any key charachteriscitcs about how this operates in the practice in the US.

3) Tips about custom & practice for working in US & financial sector. You should particularily note any jey differences in business & proffesional practice, communication, work regimes, employment legislations and etc.

4)survival tips for working in the US

5)a guide for further information about working in the US

Marking Criteria:
evidence of research 40%
knowledge of cross cultural factors 40%
presentaion & style 10%
clarity,grammar & correct refferencing