Substance Abuse Client) Interviewing Resistive Client”

page 1 cover sheet
page 2 citations
page 3-6 content of paper
The paper must be in APA Style
I am a Social Worker Major, This paper is for my Communication Class.
The topic of my paper is Substance Abuse and The title is Interviewing the Resistive Client”.
My teacher allowed as to pick from one of the three titles which is Interviewing the Resistive Client”, Uses of Confrontation in the Interview”, and Techniques for Making Interview Transitions”.
The paper should show evidence of outside reading and research.
It should contain bibliographical citations to current outside readings.
Review several professional Journal articles of particular relevance to your selected area of focus.
Make an effort to orient the material to the particular concerns of social workers.
The paper should include your thinking, feelings, and reactions. What do you think and feel about the problem, the content area you have chosen to discuss? you paper should critically analyze the topic you have chosen to explore.
The paper should be sharply focused and must demonstrate professional writiong skills.