Sunmmary and critique of martin article) please make a topic of the summary and critique argument

make a summary and critique of two article ( 3 1/2pages summary, 2 1/2critique) Double spaced, 1 inch margins and 12 point font, if you cite more than two sources other than the main source, please attach a bibliography page of the assignment and be sure to give page references to your source in the summary where required.

It is an assignment for natural science course which included science, technology and the environment, so please argue or critique from those points of view.

The summary should cover bot the main thesis of the source and three or more of the main points of the argument. I will upload the summary of the course but it in written form rather than in point form summary. Make sure you clearly identify the main argument and several supporting arguments, and make sure to do more than just quote your source, any source quotation should be explained in the summary, please notice the part of critique, make self opinion in a critique, not just other peoples ideas. However, make sure to back up your beliefs with good argument and well-researched facts.