Th amendment and NYPD surveillance paper

Topic: a?4th amendment and NYPD surveillance paper.a?
The question: In your view, is the recent NYPD surveillance of Muslims compatible with the 4th Amendment?
In order to answer this question, you must address the following:
What are the key issues surrounding the NYPD surveillance of Muslims? How do they relate to the readings, the articles attached? What are the criticisms of this surveillance? How do its defenders respond to these criticisms?
I will attach the 7 articles/readings required to complete the assignment. The readings are new stories on NYPD surveillance of Muslims.
Keep in mind:
1. The paper will be graded in large measure on the degree to which it intelligently uses the relevant readings.
2. The formal presentation of the paper counts for a lot, e.g., organization, grammar, spelling, correct referencing of sources.
Whatas expected of the paper?
1. A clear thesis. Make sure the reader understands your argument.
2. Present the central points of the paper clearly and logically, and support them with evidence gained from the readings and/or research.
3. Use a fluent writing style. Most importantly: a. Use one main idea per paragraph. b. Make clear the relationship between the paragraphs; c. Employ clear transitions from one paragraph to another, with a connection between each point of argument and those that come before and after; d. Use direct quotations only to illustrate or underline your explanation, not to substitute for it.
4. Follow a recognized citation style.