Th Generation based on IMT-Advanced: Open Wireless Architecture, including

Assessment Requirements
You are asked to write a report up to 3000 words that discusses the new innovations in wireless network technologies. The report involves the following technologies:

4th Generation based on IMT-Advanced: Open Wireless Architecture, including;

– Evolution, Standard, specifications, distinctive/key; 3GPP LTE, LTE-Advanced.

– Influence of Radio Access Method (e.g., OFDM, MIMO etc.) on technology, speed, applications, etc.

– Complete IP Based Architecture (Core Network, and RAN).

– Non-functional aspects: Cost effective, Reliability, Compatibility, Security, etc.

– Discuss Vertical Handover: Interoperability to other IP-based wireless and fixed networks .

– Discuss the impact of the 4G IP-Based wireless networks on developing new innovative applications, mobile services and tools in support of rich multimedia content.

Report Requirement:

1- Your report should be well structured, formatted and documented.

2- A minimum of 8 a?currenta? references should be surveyed and used for developing each part of this assignment. Three references, at least must be well recognized (international journals, books, and conference proceedings). Also, the references should be cited inside the report, wherever they are used. In addition, they should be listed in the list of references.

3- A bonus of 2 extra marks may be given to a highly outstanding effort that exceeds the specified requirements and brings to the classroom very useful relevant knowledge.

4- You should include in the report a section of conclusions and discussions to highlight your opinion regarding the technologies investigated, the results obtained and documented in your report.