Th grade book report no MLA Among the Freeby Margaret peterson Haddix

Among the Free Review
Preview of Among the Free Summary:
Among the Free is the final book in the Shadow Children series by Maragert Peterson Haddix. Margaret Peterson Haddix is an award-winning author who has received honors from the International Reading Association Childrens Book Award and Quick Pick for Reluctant Youth Adult Readers citations. She has also made the list of fifteen state award finalist lists.
In this novel, Luke Garner, is a 13-year-old boy. Luke is a third child for his parents, which also means that his existence is illegal according to the Population Police and the government that rules Lukes country. The Population Police is responsible for enforcing the law, which is that families are only permitted to have two children. Third children are executed by the Population Police. The reason the law came about is because a drought and a famine spread across the country before Luke was even born.
Luke Garner is the main character of…
Chapter 1 Summary
In Chapter 1, Luke Garner is standing in line with the other stablehands at Population Police headquarters. The boys are undergoing their daily inspection of their uniforms and hygiene at 6:30 in the morning. While the sergeant is the inspector, this morning he also has a man in uniform with a row of medals on his chest. The man with the medals is picking three boys for what the sergeant refers to as a Higher purposeand a better way to serve their country. The man with the medals picks the tallest boy, the most muscular boy, and Luke.
Chapter 1 Analysis
Population Police Headquarters suggests that Luke and the other boys live in a world where adult couples are only allowed to have a specific number of children. If the number of children exceeds the allotted amount, it seems as if the government puts these children to work, such as a stablehands…
Chapter 15 Summary
In Chapter 15, Luke and the people eat in celebration of their independence. Their food is only hard bread and broth. They say the ruins Luke ran from were their old homes. The Population Police made them move because the village was too far from the water line. The police made them grow corn and then soybeans but they had to give everything back to the government. The people only received food if they met their quota and they never did. Then they tell Luke all the names of the villagers they lost to the Population Police.
Chapter 15 Analysis
The people of the village were naA?ve in believing what the government told them to do. They no longer wish to listen to what the government officials say because they are on the losing end of the deal either way. They give Luke more food than the others because
Chapter 20 Summary
In Chapter 20, the truck full of people arrives at Population Police headquarters. The crowd is still thick and there is bottleneck at the gate entrance because the girl newscaster is asking people to record their experiences with the Population Police. When Luke gets to the gate, he tells her he has the freedom not to talk.
Chapter 20 Analysis
Luke is struggling with where his home is now and who he is as a person. He is somewhat paranoid because he doesnt know what is to live a free life. The first time he is able to exercise his freedom is the freedom of speech, which he exercises when he decides not to tell his own story to be included on video as part of the history archive. Luke is also suspicious of Dons wife, which is another sign of paranoia.
Chapter 29 Summary
In Chapter 29, Luke flees back to the stables. Luke realizes that Oscar will use whatever is to his benefit to remain in control over the people. When Luke goes back to the dining room, he talks to each group of people at a time to try to make them see that Population Polices thoughts and always still seem to be in control. Luke hears Jens voice on his head telling him to go on stage and fight for what Luke believes. When Luke tries to do it, bodyguards try to keep him from doing so. Them Luke realizes that the bodyguards are the same men that used to work for the Population Police when Luke was a stablehand.
Chapter 29 Analysis
It appears that even with the Population Police supposedly being out of power that their laws still stand under the new government. Oscar and the boy back in Chiutza stand…
hapter 32 Summary
In Chapter 32, the security guards at the front pull out their guns. Philip Twinings steps in front of Luke, however, to protect Luke against the guards. When the guards realize they are on camera, one by one they put the guns away. then, a woman cries out from the crowd that she made the quilt Luke dropped. Its Elis daughter, Aileen. She defends Luke saying that he is not a thief but that her father gave the quilt to Luke when Eli thought he was going to die. She encourages the crowd to allow Luke to tell his story. Some of the people he rode in the truck with also step forward chanting to allow Luke to speak. Luke tells the whole story of his life, up until the time he arrives back at Population Police headquarters and what Oscar is trying to do. When someone goes to get…
Chapter 33 Summary
In Chapter 33, while Luke is tearing down the signs later that afternoon, his friends, Nina, Trey and Mr. Talbot show up to help him. Luke points out the three different tables that have sprung up on the lawn of the old Population Police Headquarters. One table is writing a new constitution, while the other is planning a fair food distribution plan. Luke isnt sure what the third table is discussing, but he says that the new government is one run by the people. Luke learns that all of his friends and his brothers are safe.
Chapter 33 Analysis
Luke realizes freedom means different things to different people. For him, Freedom means being with his family on the farm and not having to hide his existence. For the first time in his life Luke has hope. He has hope for being reunited with his family and living a normal life. For the first…