Th year english essay on cultural studies see attache order instructions for specific topic

I need a top level writer for this paper, it is worth 40% of my mark. The Topic is: One of the central concerns of this course has been to move beyond the mere analysis and description of colonial injustice towards a consideration of some of the ways in which literary, theoretical and cultural texts can engender change. In an analysis of a least three texts on the course, map out some of the possibilities for social, political, economic, spiritual and/or discursive transformation opened by post-colonial cultural workers. (Your thesis must be focused and challenging. Do not simply repeat the essay question; your thesis must develop the topic in an interesting way). PDF files of the readings will be attached and can you use Welcome To Our Hillbrow by Phaswane Mpe, 2001 as a reference as well? Thanks and any questions please feel free to contact me.