The Al Qa ida Trans-national Terrorist Network.


Type: Research-Analysis Paper

Title Page:  The Al Qa ida Trans-national Terrorist Network.

Size: 18-19 pgs of text (NOT less than 4500 words). Information will be collated to form a 10-page single spaced paper.

Font: Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10

Paper Layout: Portrait

Include: Title page & Summary (as an epilogue)

Sources: 10 (minimum); all specific or factual information should be identified in text, footnotes or endnotes to include page number, title, author, and/or ISBN number.

Style: APA

Tone: Adherence to hard, precise, crisp facts and/or estimates; avoiding vague, broad and slogan-like statements, media style writing, speculation, opinion, or weighted statements (indicate if an estimate or approximately).

Structure: should be an easy to read navigable research-briefing style document with highlighted or underlined headings (as a minimum, feel free to add to this list) those listed below:

- Name

- Size

- Members Nationalities

- Location

- History

- Record of Attacks

- Modus Operandi

- Doctrine

- Strategy

- Motivations

- Leader and Senior Members

- Organizational Structure

- Weaponry

- Financial or Other Assets


*Note: internet sources, journals, books, magazines and information from unusual, but legitimate sources is encouraged.

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