The comparison of the subjective factors between Lihua and Juanjuan which cause the tragedy of their lives.

its a book named Sea of regret”.

You are neither expected nor encouraged to engage in secondary research to write this paper. Instead, what will be evaluated is your ability to discuss a certain theme or aspect of the text through careful, thoughtful and detailed analysis of the text itself. Consider such features of the text as genre, imagery, context, narrative voice, etc. among others. However, be judiciousa¦ make sure the evidence you analyze is the most compelling, focused and interesting evidence for your purposes. Given the length of the paper, it is of utmost importance to limit the scope of your paper to something specific and manageable within three pages.

In this paper, you are expected to develop a thesis. That is to say, your close analysis must support some claim that is worth defending. Remember that a thesis must constitute a claim worth defending: they must proffer an interpretation that is not immediately apparent from a cursory reading. That doesnat mean your thesis should be contrary, or should try to deconstruct the text; the best theses complicate, problematize and more fully articulate the basic themes while adding insight that might not have been readily apparent. The best theses try to link the big a?sociala? themes and issues with the particularity of the language, form and structure of the text itself.