The cultures of Latin America]Discuss the significance of the Reconquista in forging the Spanish Empire in the Americas.

nstrate obvious facts, not trying to demonstrate anything at all, relying on dubious or obsolete sources (especially via the internet), not relying on sources of any kind, or inflating your style. )

∑ overall coherence of argumentation:

o Full Marks: your train of thought is sufficiently clear and well articulated;

∑ focus question:

o Full Marks: your essay convincingly approaches a general topic via a focus question that is clearly formulated since the beginning;

∑ discussion:

o Full Marks: your focus question is explored from at least three different perspectives, combining, if possible, different ideological or theoretical positions;

∑ supporting evidence:

o this can be in the form of case examples, anecdotal accounts, journal or magazine articles, etc.

Full Marks: you provide sufficient evidence to prove your point or to disprove the opposite, and that it is clearly related to your question. You might get fewer marks if your evidence is too peripheral or vague.

∑ conclusion:

o Full Marks: your essay persuasively addresses the proposed question by offering a logical arrival point to the argumentation that is clearly enunciated.

2. Ability to address the proposed question

You must focus your essays on a question out of the proposed list. It is important that you understand both the question and its implications before you embark on your research and writing. You must then personalise the question by choosing a side of it that is particularly attractive or interesting to you. Do not attempt to address the question as a whole, or you will end up with a set of general remarks  not an argumentative essay. Once you have decided what aspect of the question is going to be your focus, try to gather as much information as you can  but remember to stick to the question and avoid to be lured by the many other fascinating aspects that you might discover in your research. Use the following checklist:

∑ proposed general question clearly identified

∑ focus question clearly stated in the essay s introduction

∑ relation between the general question and the focus question explained

∑ focus question properly used as a focal point in the essay (i.e. not as a pretext to examine other issues or as a departure point for a different set of arguments)

∑ conclusions clearly respond the focus question

3. Use of sources

∑ all sources are properly referenced

∑ all sources are relevant to the issue under consideration

∑ a minimum of eight different sources have been used in the preparation of the essay and are appropriately acknowledged

∑ demerit points can be avoided if no general reference works, such as dictionaries or encyclopaedias, are listed as research sources