The Effect of Transformational School Leadership on Teachers and their Performance)

A 3000 word critical essay about: (The Effect of Transformational School Leadership on Teachers and their Performance)

Outline of the essay:
a? Introduction: (approx. 250 words)
* Introduction and rationale for the essay topic.
* Structure of the essay.
* The aim of this essay is to explore the impact of transformational leadership on teachers and their performance.
a? Theory: (approx. 1000 words)
* Definition of Transformational Leadership.
* History of Transformational Leadership.
* Four elements of transformational leadership.
* Critical discussion of the theory.
a? Application: (approx. 1250 words)
* The Application of Transformational Leadership in Schools.
* Discuss (two) surveys which establish the positive correlation between transformational leadership and teachersa performance.
* Critical discussion and synthesis of these surveys.
a? Conclusion (approx. 500 words)
* Summary of discussions
* Concluding thoughts
*** Expectations for an Assignment:

a? Analysis of literature and research: critical engagement, not just descriptive analysis; logical development of argument; good use of the English language making arguments clear and easy to follow; short sharp sentences.
a? Synthesis and utilisation of Evidence: bringing together ideas after some argument; reconceptualising ideas; using evidence from research to support or refute assumptions; evidence of your own voice in the assignment
a? Integration of theory and Practice: explaining clearly how models and theoretical frameworks can be used to illuminate ideas, arguments, and processes, employing own research to illuminate arguments and providing justification for what you chose to do
a? Structure: clarity and justification in the structure adopted; logic in the structure; how the structure helps to sustain the central argument
a? Presentation: accurate references both in text and at the end of the assignment; good use of headings and subheadings to develop key ideas of the assignment; must be double line spaced including quotations; long quotes must be indented; short ones may be written in parenthesis with single quotation marks; when indented, do not use quotation marks; always provide author, date and page for any work directly quoted e.g. (Dyke 2009:36). Bold sub headings and headings.
a? There is plenty of literature on all of these topics. Looking for more up-to-date info from the journals and recent books.