The effects of the patriot act )how the usa patriot act effect law enforcement

ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: the effect of the Patriot Act( law enforcement ). The paper is research paper of about 1500-2000 words. All sources must be cited in MLA style, combining in text documentation with work cited page. Source required are 5 sources a four articles from scholarly journals not books reviews, review articles, or letters to the editor. One newspaper article, not editorial or letter to the editor. You may substitude a printed book for one of the scholarly articles. All online Sources may be obtain from NCLive database provided on the Fayetteville Tech Community College web site. Pswd is (skyperch). Published within the pass 10 yrs. On the ftcc home page undercurrent students, click on the library link and than on electronic database thatas when u put school and pswd above and click on NCLive only. Outline on the effects of the Patriot Act

I. Introduction: How the USA Patriot Act effects Law Enforcement (It actually help the law enforcement )

A. Introductory device/a?Hooka?: Law Enforcement

B. Thesis Statement: The Patriot Act is designed to offer positive benefits to the goals of law enforcement and federal intelligence agencies that protect the American populations.

C. Sources: THUR, VICTORIA L.1

II. Topic Sentence 1: Withstanding the presumed negatives that have come with intelligence investigation after the passing of the Patriot Act, surveillance strategies, are actually necessary for securing the public welfare.

A. Critics of the PA argue of pre-existing emergency situation and that laws allow law officers to gather information.

B. Give examples of situations in which surveillance strategies helped to solve an investigation and/ or protect the public welfare.

C. Sources: GAO Reports, 5/6/2005, p1, 84p

FDCH Congressional Testimony, 05/26/2005

Patriot Act on trial David Sarasohn

III. Topic Sentence 2: Patriot Act makes it possible for law officers to conduct search and seizure procedures without first notifying the individuals involved.

A. Explain the importance of a speech and seizure without warning and how it allows the officers to have the upper hand in the investigation.

B. Talk about the Patriot Act removes enforcement activities from effective judicial oversight. Give examples how this is a minor in comparison to ways it has helped.

C. Sources: Journal of Information Technology & Politics; 2007, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p47-64, 18p, 7 Charts.

American Conservative, Feb2010, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p10-50, 4p

IV. Topic Sentence 3: Write about President George W. Bush issue orders in November 2001 and had permitted the secretary of defense to order the indefinite detention of anyone suspected of terrorist acts.

A. Write about how this protects our nation from further advancement of terrorist activities.

B. Write about how it reserved for the upmost threating individuals.

C. Sources: New York Times, 3/16/2012, p12, 0p

FDCH Political Transcripts, 03/09/2006

V. Conclusion: We have put absolute trust in the motivations of the officers and agencies involved, in national security cases, that they will arrest and detain only those individuals who are real threat to the public.its important for us to continue this support to defend the safety of the American people.

A. Sources: AP Online, 06/09/2005

The sources I have listed just some samples if you find better sources about my research paper please be free to add it. Thank you