The end of the world/ Mayan Calendar

Choose an argument purpose:

a? Draft a claim:

o Classic Claim: The lack of global action in Darfur is ethically, and politically, irresponsible.

o Refutation Claim: Arguments that dismiss the need for U.S. intervention in Darfur are insufficient and unpersuasive.

o Problem/Solution Claim: The solution to ending the humanitarian crisis in Darfur is not military intervention but a series of economic and diplomatic interventions.

a? Include an interesting introduction which provides a hook, defines any unknown terms, and gives necessary background or contextual information. Your claim is often located at the end of the introduction section.

a? Give thoughtful and relevant reasons to support your overall claim.

a? Organize your claim, reasons, and evidence so that the paper is unified and focused. Use clear transitions to guide readers between ideas.

a? Analyze your target audience (their beliefs, values, background and assumptions) and write according to their needs and interests as well as your purpose.

a? Address your readersa opposing views wherever necessary: concede to them or refute them with evidence.

a? Use appeals effectively to avoid fallacies of argumentation.

a? Avoid distracting spelling and grammar errors to improve credibility.

a? Include a Works Cited page and use proper MLA documentation for both in-text and bibliographic citations.

a? Type your essay in a readable, 12-point font and double space it with 1-inch margins all around. Add page numbers following MLA standards: Jones 3, Jones 4, etc.

a? You may not use as a source either Wikipedia or another encyclopedia, a dictionary, or website devoted to summaries or sample papers, such as eNotes, SparkNotes, and the like.

a? You must integrate 5-8 sources that must include at least two sources from online databases, one print, and one first-hand (an interview, survey, questionnaire) and at least 1-2 additional sources representing the opposition. Use MLA documentation.

a? Paper length: 1500 (minimum) a 2,000 words (maximum) [not including a Works Cited page].