The English Disease , an explanation of how and why people become involved in football hooliganism, and how the state deals with it.

The dissertation should discuss what defines a football hooligan, is it someone who shouts abuse on a matchday or is it someone who fights with opposing fans, or is it something else? it should use primary research, preferably using fooball hooligans and the relevant police who deal with football hooligans. it should discuss how people become involved in football hooliganism, and what actually goes on in the life of a football hooligan. it should talk about how the problem of football hooliganism has been evident for some years now, and should discuss how it has changed over the years, and if it can be stopped in the future. it should also discuss how football hooligans are dealt with by the police and other areas of the criminal justice system. it should also discuss whether or not the so called hooligans act the same way they are not around football, do they cause trouble on nights out or is it just at football matches? does football just bring the worst out of them?
Geoffrey, P. (1983). Hooligan: A history of respectable fears, London, Macmillan Press.