The ethical way forward for procurement of organs)

These are chapters 1 and 2 which I want you to read them and change them based on the content of chapters 3 and 4.

As the content of chapters 3 and 4 were about a study and the supervisor reject it and consider it as plagiarism.

So please any statistics or studies mentioned please delete them. Also, any names mentioned for American organ organizations please delete them.

For chapter 2, the literature review here should be restructured as the supervisor said to be consistent with chapters 3 and 4 that you did because this literature review was concentrating on the study the old writer did but now you should change it to be focused on the ethical and legal issues that you talked about.

Referencing Requirements:
Dear writer

The references based on the changes you will make, so if you want to add a new information so a new reference will be added. If you want to delete anything then its corresponding reference will be deleted