The importance of exchange rate regimes for trade and investment flows and the main reasons for regular crises in these regimes.

First_ Assignments should be written as Reports and must be word-processed including all tables and figures and diagrams.

Secondly_ The Report should take the form of a document to provide information on the topic to the head of an organization.

Thirdly_ The best place to start the reading for the presentation is the set text followed by literature searches on the specifics of the topic. The theory and concepts used in your presentation should be derived from the academic literature. More specific material is likely to come from journals and web sites. Data from books and journals will nearly certainly be out of date. Data should be the most up to date available. This will mean that most of the data you use in your presentation will be from web sites and quality newspapers and magazines.

Finally_ It is crucial that you reference all sources used in the text of the report. There should only be a reference list there should be no bibliography. This means that ever entry in the reference list most be cited in the text of the report. In cases of quotes from published work they should be referenced as follows  The technological base in most host countries has been enhanced by direct foreign investment. (Smith, et al, 2004, p34). All tables, figures and diagrams that have been taken from published sources must be referenced under the published material that has been copied. Books and articles that have informed the arguments that you make in your report, but which you do not directly quote, should be referenced as follows  The growth of international trade has not been regarded as beneficial for many developing countries (Smith and Smith, 2003; Jones and Jones, 2004) or for unskilled workers whose jobs have been displaced by export (Smith and Jones, 2000; Jones, et al, 2003). Referencing should follow the Harvard system of referencing.