The title of my research project) The potential impact on a climbers self efficacy After experiencing or witnessing an accident in climbing

hi there,
as part of my university course
(Bsc (Hons) Coaching (Outdoor leadership)
I have to do a research project;
the research project I have designed is titled, The potential impact on a climbers self-efficacy After experiencing or witnessing an accident in climbing and as part of this project, i have to do a literature review.
I have broken down the literature review into the criteria that needs covering by subheadings as follows;
total word count of review needs to be around 4000, broken down as follows….

Around 1000 words ongeneral generic psychological effects of witnessing or experiencing an accident (post traumatic stress, etc)

Around 1000 words on self-efficacy/confidence (what these are, influences, effect on this by suffering/witnessing an accident, etc…)

Around 1000 words onself-efficacy/confidence in sports (and climbing if possible)

Around 1000 words onthe effect on self-efficacy/confidence from suffering/witnessing an accident within sport (and climbing if possible).

i will also send you an attachment of what i have done so far towards my research project in the client admin panel, to help give you a better understanding of my project.

if i can help in any other way please advise,
thank you very much.