There is no light, only darkness in Death of the Salesman . Discuss how far you agree with this statement.

AO1 use of appropriate vocabulary and technically fluent style with well structured and coherent content

and expression

AO1 always relevant with very sharp focus on task

AO2 detailed and sophisticated use of features of form and structure to shape meanings in text

AO2 exploration and analysis of key aspects of form and structure with perceptive evaluation of how they

shape meanings

AO3 detailed and perceptive understanding of issues raised in concept of tragedy

AO3 perceptive consideration of how re-creative process can highlight different interpretations of texts with

sharp evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses

AO4 excellent understanding of ways of contextualising  tragedy through re-creative process

AO4 excellent understanding of a range of other contextual factors

” create a new text in a new genre

” echo textual evidence from original source in support of their ideas

” use critical vocabulary relevant to discussions of tragedy and the chosen texts when writing their


” show form and structure in the creation of their own text

” comment on aspects of language in their commentary

” cross reference to other texts as part of their re-creative process

” show how the re-creative process can highlight different interpretations of texts. This may be implicit,

explicit or both

” show awareness of literary and cultural contexts within notions of tragedy

” show awareness of other appropriate contexts (such as social, moral, religious and political) that may be


Death of the Salesman by Arthur Miller