There is very little justice in the Criminal Justice System. Discuss.

a? There is no right answer to any of the titles. You may take a narrow point of view or discuss issues more widely. Most of the titles are very broad do not feel you have to cover everything. Focus on developing a coherent reasoned argument.

a? Focus on the title you are supposed to be discussing. Do not simply write everything you know about the general subject area apply it to the wording of the task.

a? Your essay should have significant legal content consider legal problems and issues in relation to your chosen title. Support your answer with good quality sources including primary legal sources such as statutes and/or case where appropriate.

a? Where a title requires discussion of domestic law, your primary focus should be on the UK. A comparative approach is acceptable and some of the titles relate to international law in which case your approach should be much wider.

a? Do some preliminary reading so you have a general idea of the subject areas. It is worth considering several different titles before deciding which one to do.

a? Plan your work so that you have a clear and logical line of argument. Then do more detailed research so you can develop each stage of the argument. Then start writing…

a? Do not submit the first draft! Once you have completed your essay, read through and edit your work to improve clarity, flow of argument etc.