THIS IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW QUESTION) Discuss the relevance of sustainable development in environmental law and regulation?

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The outline of the essay: (im not sure if this is the right way to answer this question but this is what i had in mind. However, if you feel that this outline is incorrect pls feel free to change it. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGED TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS APPROACH IF YOU DO NOT THINK ITS SUITABLE AND WOULD AWARD MAXIMUM GRADES.


What is sustainable development?

You can start with  values which you can use to say it is the basic

source of the principles of environmental law. And sustainable

development is one of the most important principles of environmental


Then explain, what is the exact definition of sustainable development.


I divided it into 3 parts.

1 International law perspective of SD (talk about important reports

such as Brudland, Rio Decleration and include famous cases like


2EC perspective of SD (starting point Article 2 of the EC Treaty)

3UK perspective of SD (2005 Strategy, Sustainable Development Comission)

The widest area is the international law perspective. There a lot of

cases and reports which you can include. You should discuss how

effective is sustainable development in these three perspectives. Is

it important, effective? Or it just a policy.


Footnotes if possible. Use any sources you find suitable.

It would be better if you could also use: Environmental Law by Stuart Bell and Donald McGillivray 7th edition.

BUT its not essential.