Titles to choose from . please check the notes attached


This is a 1500 word essay , which will require students to apply

their knowledge and understanding of relevant theories and concepts to a case study


They essay should comprise the following sections:

a? Introduction (describing the aims of the essay, why these aims are important, and

how you seek to achieve those aims in the essay, overview of the structure of the essay);

a? Theoretical background (review of relevant literature);

a? Case study or practical organisational examples (it can be based on a primary study

or a review of secondary data, integrating theory with practical examples);

a? Conclusion (including recommendations for managers);

a? References (not included in the word count).


1. Decide which one of the following three questions you wish you answer:

a. With the help of organisational examples critically discuss the role of learning

organisation in terms of enhancing performance.

b. a?Personal self-interest and opportunism are natural features of human behaviour

and will always take preference over the needs and best interests of the

groupa?. Discuss this with reference to relevant group behavioural theories.

Support your theoretical arguments with practical examples.

c. Using relevant theories and organisational examples, discuss how increasing

womenas participation in top management teams can be beneficial for organisations

Carry out relevant reading and research. This will involve reading the books recommended,

journal articles, resources listed on the reading list, other books from the library

which are specific to your essay question, and internet sources.

3. Write the full essay of 1500 words. This must be word-processed and refer to relevant

theory and practice. This has to be submitted to the KBS Undergraduate Office

by the deadline. It must be accompanied by an assessment cover sheet. You will

also be required to submit an electronic copy via Moodle. Late submissions will automatically

receive a mark of zero a no exceptions to this will be made.

Helpful hints for the essay:

a? Read relevant journal articles;

a? Keep up to date with all relevant news reports. Ensure you use a variety of

sources such as quality newspapers; academic journals; the Internet.

a? You must identify ALL your sources of information and reference your material

using the Harvard Referencing System. A full references section is needed

at the end of the report and on all presentation overheads where appropriate.

You will lose marks if you do not reference properly.