To what extent, if at all, has the a?War on Terrora undermined the human rights agenda in world politics?

a? Your material is focused and directly addresses the essay topic;
a? The essay includes a clear introduction and a clear conclusion;
a? Your argument is explicitly stated in the introduction, and systematically developed and substantiated throughout the discussion. Repeating an assertion does not make it an argument;
a? Your paper is not a set of notes but a coherent justification of a position;
a? Points and sections are always clearly linked; and
a? Referencing is comprehensive and accurate.

1. There are a number of useful guides to writing essay. For example: Essay Writing and Style Guide, AJPS, 1992; or Osland, D., Writing in Australia, HBJ, 1991; or Clancy, J. and Ballard, B., Essay Writing for Students, Longman Cheshire, 1981; there is also a commonwealth government official guide to style and referencing issued by AGPS.

2. University essays require analysis and argument, not just the listing of a?factsa. The argument is the crucial part of the essay and must be supported by appropriate evidence.

3. Assertion is not argument. You must support your opinions with good evidence and valid reasoning.

4. There are no right or wrong answers in essays. We are concerned with how well you make your case. Whether we agree or disagree with you does not matter. We may disagree with you completely and still give you a High Distinction; and we may agree and give you a good deal less.

5. If there are important arguments against your position, deal with them openly. Give those who disagree with you a fair go. Do not suppress their views or distort them. The arguments of others should be met (if possible) by better arguments.

6. Both direct quotes and the paraphrased ideas/points of others must be appropriately acknowledged and referenced. The three common methods of referencing are: footnotes at the bottom of each page, end notes at the end of the text but before the bibliography, and references included in the text (often called the Harvard system). For details, see any of the writing guides but ensure consistency and accuracy. Decide which you want to use and make sure you learn to adopt it properly. Do note, however, that the Harvard system is the consistently preferred system.