To Yuma. Dir. James Mangol film and a?Creating the Myth,a? Linda Seger

Essay Topics:
Explain how the filmas protagonist fits Linda Segeras definition of hero. Discuss how his experiences compare to the heroas journey outlined in Segeras essay. Why do audience members empathize
with the journey of this particular hero? Do any other myths Seger highlights apply to the film? What archetypal characters are present in the film? How do they help or hinder the hero in his quest?

Be sure to define all key terms.
-Select and integrate appropriate quotations from the above readings.
-Describe all relevant scenes, dialogue, and characters from the film.
-Do not assume that your reader has seen the film before.

Please write this essay according to 3:10 to Yuma. Dir. James Mangol and aa?Creating the Myth,a? Linda Seger article, I will attache the article