Topic choice any you want but dont quote too much from the book instead your own analyze .

1. Discuss the ways in which the murder scene encapsulates (summarizes) Mariams history with Rasheed and her life as a whole.

2. After the murder scene, Mariam makes an important and unselfish decision, which leads to her execution. Discuss this portion of the novel, in particular the ways her decision, and her realization as she is about to be executed, affect the way we perceive the totality of Mariams life and story.

Is the way she affects events after her death a reflection of her character? This would be one way to conclude your essay.

3. Discuss the primary observations the Koran makes about The people of the Book,I.e. those who follow the Bible.

4. Socrates (the founding philosopher of the West) belief that The unexamined life is not worth livingheavily emphasizes the truths of reason and ethics, while Eastern thought (the Tao, Zen Buddhism, meditation practice, Sufi poetry) gives more weight to non-rational forms of truth and realization. Construct a synthesis of these two approaches. (Find ways to reconcile their apparent incompatibilities.)