Topic: drilling oil Well Design) please Only I need the introduction and summary

Coursework Design and Practice II: Well Design

Deadline: 12 May a Report with calculations and Explanation of design. Coursework

Design one well from IPM coursework from the point of view of drilling engineering considering:

1. Casing setting points (use Ppore, Pfracture data provided in an excel file to get your operational window and design your casing set points)

2. Density of drilling fluid for each session.

3. Design of fluids according to required properties (Check Material Balance

calculations for DF) (calculations in term of additives required Bentonite, Barite, etc to

get that density)

4. Diameter of hole/casing for each section (Check information provided).

5. Bit program for each session (Check information provided).

6. Properties of casing/liner (check tables in reference).

7. Volume of mud required for each session (Check information provided).

8. Capacity required for the surface circulating system.

9. Annular velocity required for cleaning each session.

10. Pump requirement (Output).

There is a lot of calculation in this activity therefore as part of the team each student has to specify his/her contribution to the final document. Attach minutes and discussion to the report and an individual reflexion of the coursework.

Teams of three students maximum will work on this activity. For your report include:


Briefly introduction to your case and well design

Each section (from 1 to 10) including brief explanation of how you approached the

activity, assumptions and main calculations to get your results.

The marking will be distributed as follow:

o Title, Introduction (5%) o Section 1-2 (15%)

o Section 3 (15%)

o Section 4 -6 (20%)

o Section 7-8 (15%)

o Section 9-10 (20%)

o Conclusion and reflexion (7%) o References (3%)