Topics each 250 words (please check order instructions explaining the situation)

I am applying to an undergraduate business program at a highly ranked university in Canada and in order to gain admission 2 essays are needed. Each essay must be MAXIMUM 250 words (please DO NOT make it any shorter than 240 or so). Admission into this program is highly based on the quality of these two essays so it would be GREATLY appreciated if you could write the essays to make them sounds like they are of a high academic level (use sophisticated wording etc.). You can basically make up anything you want for either essay but please keep in mind that you should (if at all possible) sort of make relate to business (ie. if the topic is describe a leadership role, please dont use a topic such as teaching a cooking class or anything like that, but rather a more suitable topic where things have had to be organized, planned out, and executed, for example). Please try your best to find a unique topic that stands out among the other applicants, and thus subtly hinting in the essays (using the topic you have chosen) at the attributes that I gained through that experience which would make me successful in a business career. As well try to make it understood that I have a very outgoing personality, I accept any challenge thrown at me and try my best to find a way to overcome it, I am a team worker and a great leader, I am very organized, dedicated and ambitious, and any other attributes you find would sound fitting for a business career.

The essay topics are:
1. Describe a difficult decision you have had to make and the process that you went through to make it. (PLEASE USE BETWEEN 240-250 WORDS, but no longer than 250)

2. Describe a leadership accomplishment where you transformed an idea into action. (PLEASE USE BETWEEN 240-250 WORDS, but no longer than 250)

I talked to someone on the phone from your website and she said it is possible to place one order of 2 pages even though it has 2 topics because each topic only needs 1 page (250 words) and the option of selecting 1 page is not available.

Thank you so much, hope all goes well.