Translation ENG to DE) Unterschied der Grafikverarbeitung, QualitA¤t und Performance zwischen PC und Xbox One

Die Verwendung der von mir angegebenen FachbA?cher ist nicht zwingend notwendig, es kA¶nnen natA?rlich auch noch andere BA?cher und Quellen genutzt werden.

In the attached you can find a file with completed order. as we discussed you will just need to translate it to German
Note if there are any direct quotations please transform them info indirect, but do not delete citation.
As for used sources it is fine with english titles. but you will need to translate propositions if the are not part of the book/source/link title.

As discussed we will be waiting for the half of the translation completed in within next 7 days.
Thank you
If you have question or need some clarification sent us a message via message board or via e-mail